The Holiday Brunch

Vintage inspired brunch outfit

Dear Silvergirl,

I hope December’s treated you well so far. I was glad to have a short trip to the UK and returned to just in time to welcome the new month. I gave myself extra time for wandering London and picked up this skirt at ZARA during a free afternoon. The length’s a bit difficult, but I enjoy the shape and slight vintage flair. And it’ll always remind me of London.

On this particular day, Kim and I met for a relaxing brunch– probably the last one before holiday season overtakes us all. December is one of the best months in New York, but this year I’m not feeling very cheery or Christmasy. Maybe it’s missing Thanksgiving, or too much upheaval, or maybe too many sad stories in the news…

Or maybe it’s just that too many people are gone.

Normally I love gift-giving and party-going and holiday sparkle, but this year I am just tired.

Zara skirt, Wolford tights, vintage Ferragamo Vara


Is it me, or has it been an unseasonably windy fall here in New York? I don’t remember heavy winds as typically being too much of a problem until January and February, although I also haven’t had my hair cut close to my shoulders in five years or so.

Stay warm and un-windblown.

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    I think we forget that this months is burdened with expectations as well as extra responsibilities!
    I can imagine you are tired! I took a few days with my family for vacation, it is delightful, but I am find myself working on my blog, but it is outdoors on the terrace, with the ocean waves making that soft undulating sound.
    Back to NY tomorrow and it will feel like i have entered a louder, colder planet.
    Oh well! Stay warm, and just be, it is okay NOT to sparkles just because the calendar says it is December!
    LOVE your skirt, it is classic and beautifully fitted, love the soft flare, and panel details.
    xx, Elle

  2. says

    I’m loving the haircut and that skirt- very pretty! This feels slightly British to me? Maybe it’s just because you look very ladylike and proper. I’m glad you had a good trip to London and it was so cool that you got to meet Rehana! I’ve been feeling a little weird these holidays just because of all the current events and work being crazy, but I think things will get better once I go home next week.

  3. says

    It was great seeing you! I loved the vintage look of this outfit :)

    Sorry you’re not in the Christmas spirit. The news has definitely been depressing lately. Perhaps thats why I’m throwing myself into the holiday cheer. If I don’t see you – happy holidays!

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    glad to hear you had a lovely trip to the UK, and came home with a pretty skirt. I love clothes purchased on travels, you get so much more use out of them than a silly trinket that sits on a desk, bonus points if you wore it while you were there first.

    I’m trying to enjoy the Christmas season, but it’s going by too fast and this weather has been so wet! I know we often have rainy falls, but I feel like this one has been really bad. And just so dark. Too many days where you wake up and wonder why the sun couldn’t be bothered to get up when you still have to.

    I hope things brighten up and you get into the spirit – two more weeks!