Driscoll’s Berry-tastic Holiday Brunch

Last Saturday, Nnenna tagged me along to the absolutely darling Driscoll’s Berry-tastic Holiday Brunch. We had a few scones and brunchy treats, including an amazing cocktail with ginger liqueur and fresh strawberries. I was also thrilled to run into Scherrie again (editor of Thirtymommy) and her family.

Guided by Celebrations.com Editor Melissa Klein, we made festive holiday strawberry trees. As you know, I’m not very good at DIY projects, but the strawberry was simple enough to not be beyond my capabilities. My tree came out a little lumpy, maybe because I did eat some of the strawberries while creating it (they were good).

My tree (left) and Nnenna’s. I had to travel after the brunch, so unfortunately I had to my tree behind. They were heavy and tall, and I can’t imagine how everyone got them home. I wish I could have taken it because it was delicious and pretty!

P.S. Driscoll’s is currently running a holiday sweepstakes for a $500 gift card to Williams-Sonoma– you know I couldn’t pass up a chance to win that!