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    I agree with previous comments that this was a really creative way to recap LuckyFABB! I feel like I learned a lot, just from reading the tweets that came out of the day. And Simon Doonan is too fab for words. I kind of love his husband too :)

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      I definitely prefer live tweeting to taking notes on a conference. I forget things/there’s the immediate gratification factor. Just got back from another conference, so another post like this will be up soon!

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    Oh this is great – your tweets bring so much life to the photos and the whole post becomes so much more than pics of the same people that everyone else has.

    (also very useful since I tweeted like nothing and quickly forgot all the quirky things everyone said.)

    and i was really crushing on Alexis Bryan Morgan’s printed pants.
    Actually, she inspired me to go buy a peplum and pair it with some printed pants. so that will be happening this weekend.

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      Thanks! I wanted to do something.. different. I figured on everyone’s many people having similar content from Lucky FABB. I think this is going to be my new format for conferences– live tweet and then photo recap. Off to another conference now!