Afternoon in the Garden

Dear Christine,

Yes, it’s the usual suspects again. One of our very best friends was married last week so we all gathered in Philadelphia to celebrate. These photos are from the rehearsal dinner, which was very much a garden party. Complete with swirly dresses, soft hairstyles, and miniature desserts.

My friend Jenna captured me capturing one of the photos above. I took the opportunity to wear my Bamali dress, bought in Curaçao a few years ago. It doesn’t leave the closet as often as I would like as I find the skirt a little bit dramatic for everyday wear. The dress has a bit of a vintage feel, so I added my Seychelles sandals and a little flower clip to dress it up.

Clearly BFF!



  1. bravoerunway says

    Alex, you look gorgeous in blue! I love the dress, the cut, it has a vintage feel to it. I hope we’ll see more of it this summer!

  2. Mia says

    Uwahhhh, garden party! These are so lovely, Alex, and that dress is frickin’ KILLER. Oh my stars and cows. The blue suits you so well, never take it off. (Just kidding, wash it sometimes.) Also, speaking of dresses, I got the dress from you, thank you so much! I have to try to work it into my repertoire soon. :) You’re the best.

    • says

      So I belatedly realized that I have an email about the giveaway in drafts for you, but it never actually sent (sorry). I guessed on the dress and thought (and by thought I mean visualized in my mind by the eyeball method) that it might fit you. Hope it does!

  3. says

    GASP!!! (i love getting letters)
    That dress looks lovely!!! Garden soirees with little desserts and flawy dresses are so awesome! So summer! The pictures you’ve captured are wonderful!

  4. says

    wow! this looks like a fun time, Alex! I think the photos look amazing, especially the beautiful lighting! And that dress? Holy smokes, it’s gorgeous!

  5. says

    I LOVE the color of this dress on you- so pretty. Also, a garden party sounds like so much fun! I would love to do that or a picnic with the Blogger Social Club!

  6. says

    Oh what a lovely venue for a rehearsal dinner!
    Love that dress, it looks gorgeous on you, the skirt and the color and neckline all flatter you so well.

    mini desserts sound good too. i’ve already had two desserts tonight, but well now i want more.