1. So sorry to hear about the loss of your grandfather…I often find odd things funny at times of stress and sadness, so I totally get it. 
    On a lighter note..the photos are so beautiful..and that maxi is gorgeous on you! C

  2. Sorry to hear about your grandfather, but I do find that being told it was a good weekend to die a very funny thing. Honestly, I think it’s very inconvenient to have a death around a holiday, it sort of puts a damper on the celebration.  Now I’m being insensitive. But last easter my grandma went to the ER, then on thanksgiving she had a stroke, and a few weeks before Christmas she passed away. All I know is that every holiday last year my poor mother was a miserable wreck.

    Maxi dresses are so pretty on windy days – no worries about giving a free show, just fabric fluttering around your legs. Glad you held out for the sun!

    • Yes, the stress can really get to you. My grandfather had already been in the hospital a few times in the past year. 

      I was unsure if the good weekend to die was only funny because hysteria might be edging in, but enough people find it amusing that I do actually think it’s really funny. 

  3. :( Sorry to read about your grandfather but glad you can take comfort in his peace.

    You look beautiful in that maxi dress and the photos are stunning.  xo

  4. So sorry to hear about your grandfather! That is a pretty funny story about the priest, though. 

    Your dress is gorgeous, and I love that bag! Is it new? I want to see a close-up soon!

    • I know he meant it to be comforting, but really… it’s just too funny. Yes, this bag is newish. I have some better photos of it, I just skipped over them for the Easter post. It’d be kind of weird for me to post about Easter like a week from now, haha. 

  5. I’m so sorry to hear about your grandfather. I tend to have a fairly inappropriate sense of humor, so I can certainly see why the priest’s comment made you laugh. I suppose he has a point, hilarious though it may be. lol!

    As for your outfit, you look absolutely beautiful. It’s sunny here today, but tomorrow it’s going to get rainy and cloudy again. Boo! No matter; Mr. CP and I are off to a conference in beautiful Santa Barbara!

    • Ohh that’s so nice! Enjoy Santa Barbara. 

      The priest story is pretty great, isn’t it? I guess if I was really thinking about dying on a certain weekend…

      I’m laughing again.