Sunday Boring and Cozy

I have a quick question for everyone: do my photos look overexposed/too light? I’ve been testing the blog on different computers and I know individual display brightness is a factor but in general I’m finding the photos to be significantly lighter than on my screen— a MacBook Pro with brightness kept standard (exactly in the center) whenever I edit photos.  Is Apple standard brightness just darker than other computer manufacturers or do most people keep their screen’s brighter than factory settings?  

Well anyway, before the holidays I did some experimentation with old and new things:  

I wore my grey moccasins for the first time!  I’ve had them for a while but never wore them as anything other than slippers.  I got them from Rue La La for $25 in August I think.  My friends all love theirs and I definitely like them but I think they could use a little more support.  I put some Dr. Scholls insoles inside for my high arches.  

I did some work with bokeh and my J.Crew zipper bracelets.  I wish it were a little smoother, but I definitely don’t expect an entry level lens to have near-perfectly rounded bokeh… no matter how good it is!  

And I did a little bit of self portraiture too.  Oh dear, I do look tired.  I’m always underslept during the holidays, too much to do!  

I don’t know what I’m wearing yet on New Year’s Eve, do you?  I think I’ll be having a rather quiet one for a change… consisting of me going to my friend’s and eating any and all available food (her mom’s been cooking)!  Whatever your plans, best wishes for the new year!