Beads Dropping Like Flies

(I really wish this skirt had pockets!  Seriously, I totally tried to put my hands in the nonexistent pockets.  Yeah, it didn’t work).  

9.25.10 ~ Saturday

It’s supposed to be fall, I know, but temperatures have been holding in the 85-95 range :P  I keep seeing bloggers in tights and thinking… no, can’t do it.  It’s still far too warm.  Half my summer clothing is on the floor waiting to be stored but it’s just not getting cooler and I keep pulling things back out!  

Lazy day for dressing, I’m almost head to toe LOFT here.  I’ve worn this skirt before, but never with a shirt tucked in.  And I adore this shirt but practically a whole row of beads has fallen off!  

LOFT shirt and skirt, Sofft platforms.