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Need a last-minute gift? Marc Jacobs is currently offering free overnight shipping on orders of $100 or more (plaid overnight bag, anyone?). If you have Amazon Prime and connect your account to you can receive free-two day shipping. And order by 10am EST on Monday for a complimentary shipping upgrade at Terrain.

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Booskerdoo 2013 Festivus Blend Review | Gift Guide

booskerdoo coffe co 2013 festivus blend in mason jar

Christmas is quickly approaching, but I hope you haven’t forgotten about the other late December holiday that’s coming up. In celebration of Festivus, Booskerdoo gifted me a mason jar full of freshly roasted 2013 Festivus Blend. A great cup of coffee is just the thing to give you a mental edge over the other guests at this Festivus’ Airing of Grievances.

My jar of Festivus Blend was roasted on 12/12 and is noticeably, amazingly fresh. As someone who probably loves coffee tastings more than wine tastings, I can tell you that this blend tends to be mild with low acidity and is extremely full-flavored. Light roasts are fantastic for cold brewing, so I cold brewed a batch overnight. I used about 2/3 cup of beans for 6 cups of water because I’m a total iced coffee monster. The blend is really, really good on it’s own. I usually take my coffee with a dash of cinnamon but omitted it in this recipe. The iced brew had an unexpected touch of sweetness and a hint of fruit.


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